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In 1868 the famous naturalist, John Muir, first laid eyes on the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountain range in which he famously wrote: “Then it seemed to me that the Sierra should be called, not the Nevada or Snowy Range, but the Range of Light.”

Muir’s passion for the outdoors was endless and his eloquent words and descriptions of these incredible landscapes would inspire the world to connect with nature and teach the importance of protecting it for all future generations. He is known as the “Father of our National Parks” and our company proudly continues Muir’s commitment to our parks and wild places today.

Founded in 2009 by Muir’s great-great-grandson, Robert Hanna, our company is fueled by a passion to connect all people to the outdoors and to lead the charge as a socially responsible company that creates a value to society. We proudly donate a portion of every item sold to organizations dedicated to protecting our parks and creating a better world, and we continually look for ways to become a greater company so that we can better serve the planet.

Our clothing is inspired by our love for the outdoors and you will find quality, adventure, and our story built into all of our apparel. We are committed to excellence and invite you to come be a part of the
Range of Light family. Whether it’s lounging in comfort, laughing around a campfire, or sauntering through the backcountry, we’re grateful to be a part of your experience and to continue this journey with you.

Go out and be inspired! We’ll see you up the trail.




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